Hanwha showcases ground weapons systems at US trade fair

컴퓨터 2023-12-01 18:28:41 2251

Hanwha Aerospace said Monday it participated in the Association of the US Army exhibition, one of the world’s largest military shows, to showcase its state-of-the-art ground weapons systems.

At its 232-square-meter exhibition booth, the company displayed the K-9 Thunder -- the world’s No. 1 self-propelled artillery -- k56 automatic ammunition resupply vehicle and a modular charge system.

“Our goal is to join the US Army’s upgrade project of self-propelled artillery and make a foray into the North American regional defense supply chain,” Hanwha said in a statement.

“NATO member countries including the US and Canada are witnessing surges in demand for weaponry due to geopolitical crises. The US arms industry, in particular, is the largest in the world, worth 500 trillion won ($370 billion).”

For the Canadian Army, Hanwha has laid out 120-millimeter self-propelled mortar along with the self-propelled artillery package. It also showcased a mobile anti-aircraft artillery called Bihobokhap, the Arion-SMET -- an uncrewed search vehicle -- armored vehicle, air-to-ground guided missile system Cheongeom and other cutting-edge weapons systems.

“Hanwha’s ground defense systems solutions that have been well-received in Australia, Poland and other global markets will contribute to North American regional security,” the company said. “Marking the 70th anniversary of the (South) Korea and US alliance, we hope to boost defense ties between the two countries.”

The AUSA exhibition, an annual event joined by over 800 defense companies worldwide, runs Monday to Wednesday in the US capital Washington.




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