YG's new girl group Babymonster to debut next month

교육 2023-12-01 16:50:25 4844

YG’s new K-pop girl group Babymonster is making its debut next month, according to YG Entertainment.

The group will be filming its music video at the end of this month.

YG says Babymonster’s debut album will be filled with high-quality tracks that have been gathered through song camps held with renowned foreign music producers and YG’s music producers.

Babymonster is set to debut with a piece of powerful music.

“We devoted our time and effort to choosing the group’s debut title track to make it up to the public’s interest. We ask for your understanding that the group’s debut has been delayed from September, the date we initially announced,” said YG in a press release.

The rookies are currently practicing the choreography of their title track.

“We are all set. Once the debut takes place in November, we will continue working at full speed with Babymonter so please look forward to their debut,” said YG.

Babymonster is the first K-pop girl group for YG to launch after having launched Blackpink seven years ago.

The group comprises of seven members from diverse nationalities including Thailand, Japan and South Korea.




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